Hiroko Kokubu

Pianist, Composer, Music Arranger


Born in Tokyo, Hiroko studied classical piano at Kunitachi Music College and achieved excellence there

by playing such classics as Schubert and Ravel.

After graduation, she went to New York to study Jazz

under the guidance of some great musicians including Mr. Barry Harris.

In 1987, she made her first album “More Than You Know” which was released in Japan by JVC.

This album was highly acclaimed in Japan as “a debut album of a great woman pianist & composer who represents the newer.”

It was also released in the US and Canada by GRP Records and was very well received in those markets as well.

Since then, she has had 24 albums released in Japan and 4 in the US,

some of which also have been released in other areas of Asia and Europe.

They are all-successful because of the warm, beautiful melodies and pop influences of her compositions,

which are embodied in her thrilling, hot improvisations.

She is also known for her unique ability to engage in on-stage banter,

a skill she developed as an anchor woman on CNN News in Japan and a radio DJ.

Hiroko has gained worldwide popularity now, having played at several international events

including the Jakarta Jazz Festival (1992 in Indonesia) and the Catalina Island Jazz Festival (1996 in the US).

In 2015-18, Hiroko & the members of her trio joined the concerts
‘The Sounds of Haruki Murakami’ in Tokyo, Seoul and Manila,
in which pieces of music and songs featured in his novels were played by some of the artists.

She also puts effort into giving special guest lectures for music teachers and hosting workshops for amateur musicians.

Her recent albums are as follows:

‘Piano Iccho’ (2015) (which means ‘enjoy the pristine sounds of the piano alone’),
gained considerable acclaim for its high quality sound, pianistic technique and performance skills;

‘Piano Songs’ (2016) in which she matched her exquisite keyboard skills with Japanese well-known pop singer Hiromi Iwasaki;

‘Piano Party’(2020) , which was well received for its sparkling performance, showcasing the trio in perfect harmony throughout.

Many of her concerts have been cancelled since April 2020 due to the impact of COVID-19,
but she is determined to open a new page of her music activity.
When the time comes to reschedule these concerts,
her supporters all over the world will be given a fresh impression of her music,
full of energy and heartfelt melody.